March 16, 2018

6 Things to Remember on the Morning of Your Wedding

Happy Morning of Your Wedding!

OH MY GOODNESS. The day is FINALLY HERE (or maybe it’s a week before and you’re trying to be organized). You are getting married.

Maybe you’re starting to feel some nerves, your heart is racing with excitement. You don’t really know where to start.

From one bride (me) to another (you), I have some tips to help you keep your cool while you’re getting ready.

1. Have a support system

This one is huge. Maybe it’s not going to be your bridesmaids (I hope it is!), but it’s your sister or your mama. Having someone hanging out with you all morning will keep you focused. Typically a groom would be getting ready with his parents or groomsmen as well.

Your head will be spinning with excitement. You’ll be exhausted from a long night of last minute crafts and early wake up calls for hair and makeup. You might even be a little hung over. But having those special people to keep you focused and share your excitement will be a huge help in being productive, staying on time and being relaxed.


2. Have a timeline

Make sure you have your timeline written out so you don’t run out of time to get ready, late to the ceremony, or have to skip over any portion of your photos.

If you need help planning out a timeline, check out this blog post on where to start!


3. Give yourself extra time.

Something will most likely go wrong. Giving yourself an extra few minutes to get situated and straighten things out will lessen the stress and give you time to fix it.


4. Don’t worry about things going wrong.

If you have a timeline set up with a little wiggle room, it won’t even matter if something is behind schedule!

Also, you’re getting married today! Focus on marrying the love of your life. Everything else is fine!

5. Don’t forget to enjoy it.

This is the day you have been waiting for since he proposed. You are becoming a family. Everyone you love is here to celebrate with you. Take a break every couple minutes to take in the music, remember the atmosphere, and REALLY be present.

6. EAT

Us ladies can be notorious for forgetting to eat when we are busy. Take care of yourself. Order a catered lunch or breakfast from a sandwich shop and have a friend be in charge of picking it up. We don’t need people passing out because they haven’t eaten for 26 hours!!!


And always remember, you can always ask to take a break if it gets too overwhelming. This day is about you two getting married and nothing else. If you need a break, let’s take one.

Bonus Tip

Depending on your original timeline, and how long you have your photographer for, try to get out at the end of the day for some gorgeous sunset photos to finish off your wedding day!


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