January 12, 2020

Amazon Wedding Items | Reception Decor

Back with some more Amazon wedding items, and this time we are getting into decor & signage. I’m talking simple ways to decorate tables for maximum impact. These are definitely more items for wedding reception decor. They’re easy to add to your own wedding space for a wow factor. So you could even use them to class up a simple restaurant set up!

Amazon Wedding Items | Decor and Signage

First lets start with dressing tables. Table cloths can do a lot to amp up a space. A really great option, if you are using wooden tables, is to use simple lace or chiffon table runners! They’re a low cost way to make a big impact on a simple table. Plastic tables are best covered with opaque coverings like the sequin ones below. Another way to tie the chiffon or lace in would be to stick with a light coloured table cloth and throw a coloured runner down the middle!

Amazon Table top decor

Amazon Wedding Items
Amazon Wedding Items
Amazon Wedding Items
Amazon Wedding Items

After you’ve got your tables figured out, you’ve got to decorate them! I’ve found some awesome amazon wedding items that you can use for inspiration!

Amazon Wedding Reception Decor

Amazon Wedding Items
Amazon Wedding Items
Amazon Wedding Items

Amazon Wedding Items

These vintage vases would make great candle holders! Mini lanterns and bird cages are easy ways to add tea light holders without SO many votives!

Amazon Greenery

Amazon Wedding Items

With simple decor done, you can be on your way to designating tables. Set up signage to incorporate more simple decor without breaking the bank.

Amazon Wedding Signage

Let’s not forget the lights! I am a sucker for good lights, especially at a wedding reception. The more tiny lights you have, the less you need to use overhead lighting. So, you’ll get that really glowy and bright twinkle light vibe in your photos! And, they look really great in lanterns, strung along tables, and wrapped around candle holders, too!

Amazon Twinkle Lights

Add these amazon wedding items to your Pinterest Wedding board so you can reference it later!

Amazon Wedding Items

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