October 22, 2017

Best Friend’s Session | Edmonton | Celina Fournell Photography

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This month, after a favourite cousin of mine came home from amazing adventures in Australia, I had a special visitor come spend some time with me. So, naturally, we went and took some photos!

Faith was in town visiting some of her travelling friends as well so we got them to tag along for some photos.

Our day was spent doing super fun things around the city that we hadn’t gotten to do before!


First we did a bit of hiking in the rivervalley downtown. Edmonton has so much to offer if you love the outdoors, it’s one of my favourite things about this city.


Then, after figuring out where we were, we got to go to the End of the World. Which was an experience in itself.

It made for really beautiful pictures and was a great way to say, “Oh yeah! I’ve done that”

We only spent about 20 minutes here, since it was so busy. And it was starting to get cold out!!


After humming and hawing for a few minutes, trying to figure out what we should do next… We headed over to the Muttart Conservatory.

We wandered around here for a while and took in all the beautiful colours, the city skyline, and even ran into a friend of mine!

This afternoon was so fun, and it was so great getting to spend some time with my cousin. We even got to go for some frozen yogurt before she headed back home to Calgary that afternoon.


What’s your favourite place in Edmonton for photos?

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