October 16, 2020

cottagecore Prairie Witch | Cosplay and Fantasy Photography

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We are back at it again with another inspiring cottagecore Prairie Witch photoshoot! Aetherium Cosplay really pulled this one together, considering we decided to shoot on the windiest day EVER.

The details in the outfit that Rebecca put together really made this look for me. I am pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when I saw it because I was that amazed. A homemade lace skirt layered on top of a crinoline skirt, paired with a delicate pink top, pearls, a leather belt, brown boots, and obviously witch socks… This look couldn’t have been more on pointe.

We got to our location, with 0 outfit casualties though our props were almost not as lucky, and started shooting! After reviewing a few shots on the back of my camera, we decided it was very cottagecore… If Tim Burton did cottagecore.

So, I present to you a cottagecore prairie witch:

Scroll all the way to the bottom and check out some of our other shoots! I would love to know which one is your favourite so far!

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cottagecore Prairie Witch Cosplay | Tim Burton cottagecore

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