October 3, 2019

What to wear for your Fall Engagement Photos

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Not sure where to start with your fall engagement photo outfits? Look no further! Below I have laid out all the things you should consider when deciding what to wear and how to style your outfits for your fall engagement photos.

Nothing beats the tranquillity of pulling your favourite knit sweater out of the closet. Throw it on with a pair of your best leggings and knee-high boots and I think you’ve got the perfect fall outfit. Go trudge out through piles of fallen leaves to throw your arms around the person you love the most and this might be the best place in the world. Add in some hot chocolate and a nice wool blanket and I think you’ve got the perfect date.

Fall is the perfect season to get engagement photos done. The falling leaves exude a touch of romance while keeping the mood casual, the air is fresh but the threat of snow makes it that much more exciting. The cozy flannel on your fiance’s chest, along with the crisp air will put you right in a cuddling mood. The gorgeous shades of red and orange make for the perfect backdrop for your fall engagement photos. So, now that you’ve decided on a season and a location… what do you wear!? How do you choose the colours or patterns? How do you blend in, without camouflaging to the background?

Read on to see my expert tips on fall engagement photo outfits:

1. Start with the right colours for your fall engagement photo outfits! 

Fall is a beautiful time to get engagement photos done. First of all, it’s one of the most popular times of the year for photographers in general. The background is neutrals but the colours are quite bright. Your fall engagement photo outfits need to be a combination of bright and neutral colours to take full advantage of the season.

Burgundy and navy are my favourite starting points for your outfits for fall engagement photos… Paired with ivory or tan, they’re unstoppable.

So, if you’re less of a jewel tone fan and more of a neutral lover like me, then start with ivory or tan and build up with a variety of black, brown, or a plain colour to keep it simple.

Another favourite combination of mine is to pair a metallic statement piece with a bold green or black.

2. Definitely incorporate accessories into your fall engagement photo outfits. 

This is my tried and true tip for photos. Every. Single. Time.

Basically, adding in a blanket scarf, simple bracelets, a large floppy hat, or a statement necklace takes your outfit from ‘casual’ to ‘fall Pinterest board worthy’.

So, the trick is to pick things that are easy to add or remove to create a large variety in your photos!

As a result, it’s almost as good as an outfit change.

3. Don’t be afraid of patterns or texture for your fall engagement photo outfits! 

Typically I ask people to avoid three things: neon colours, tight-fitting clothes that may be noticeably uncomfortable, and patterns. The reason I usually avoid them is that they can cause aberrations (a fancy photography word), which can throw off the photo.

So, the best way to avoid this being a problem is to choose large patterns. A bigger plaid pattern, a large floral print, and some times even a very simple paisley pattern can be nice… And avoid problems in your photos.

Even more, adding in dark floral or a simple plaid in your fall engagement outfits is a nice nod to the season.

As a result, it can help tie together colours from each other’s outfits and bring it all together.

Tip: Don’t wear ALL patterns. If you’re picking one, stick with one. But, if you insist on two, let’s add some time to the session and do an outfit change during your fall engagement photos so that we can incorporate it.

4. Wear appropriate shoes for fall that go with your outfit! 

Don’t show up to fall engagement photos in running shoes or sandals. Wear casual dress shoes, knee-high boots, suede loafers, literally anything appropriate for fall time.

So, a good rule of thumb to follow is to match your shoes to the season. Rather, what looks more natural?

5. Wear or incorporate white into your fall outfits! 

“Don’t wear white after labour day” doesn’t apply here. The way I see it is, white is a perfect nod to your white wedding dress coming up. Even more, it’s a nice way to dress up a pair of jeans if you want to keep it simple.

6. Don’t cancel on cold weather! 

If you’re willing to go out on a day that it may be a little colder, I don’t want to chancel! Let’s throw on a nice wool pea coat, a pair of leather jackets, or even a jean jacket with a knit sweater underneath. The best part about it, is it’s not usually out of place for us in Edmonton to have to style jackets with our fall outfits, especially in engagement photos.

Also, matching your jacket to the rest of your outfit (browns and browns, greys and blacks) will keep it from looking out of place…

Even more, you’ll be toasty and warm!


Layering a nice vest over a plaid shirt, a duster sweater with a pair of jeans and boots, or even layering a kimono over a dress is a perfect way to incorporate more out of season outfit choices in your fall engagement photos. Basically, layers win.

Likewise, layers give you the option of removal for more variety in your photos.


Looking for more outfit inspiration?

Check out my Pinterest board here for some other visual guides! Learn how to put together amazing engagement photo outfits here!

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