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ALL local sessions booked before August 30 will purchase an additional photo session for a frontline worker of your choice & their family. 

If you are not in a position to invest at the moment, but would love to be a part of giving back, please feel free to nominate an essential worker that you would like to see receive a complimentary family photo session.

I know....this will eventually pass and we will be gathered together again. Until then, in this time of grief and fear, please keep cheering each other on. Your love and resilience are powerful.

*All photo sessions to take place (of course!) when social distancing guidelines have been lifted. 

Family or maternity sessions are applicable!

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Over the last few weeks we have become isolated and alone. Not spending time with the people we love. Repetitious days and forgotten weeks roll by. For some, hobbies discovered, and others, anxiety higher.
More so, for the essential workers who are forced to be away from their families, their friends, and be face to face with the realities of today.
Rather than potentially putting more people at risk by participating in 'front porch sessions' I have decided to give back in a different way. 
Because, in the face of this pandemic, people have started to realize how important photos are. Everyone is documenting their lives in the moment, and I am loving it!
So, my way of feeling like I can help may be something that you can do to help as well. 
I am offering one-for-one sessions. If you purchase a family session for yourself, you can also gift one session to an essential worker and their family. 

These will obviously take place after the social restrictions have been lifted and we are free to physically interact again without spreading the virus.
So, let's take this time to spread the love and gift the amazing frontline workers a photoshoot!

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Family, Couples, or Maternity

30 minute session
7 digital images*
online gallery**
One for you, one for a frontline worker

60 minute session
20 digital images*
online gallery**
One for you, one for a frontline worker


In your home or your happy place. Let me come to you and we can relax in your home. I can capture those in between moments and we can create some special memories! 

*Option to purchase full gallery after viewing photos.
**Prints and albums available via online gallery shop

photo taken by @janerosephotography

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