Hey, I'm Celina! 

Hello lovely! It is nice to meet you! 

I am so glad that you're here to learn about me and find out if we are going to be a good fit to work together!

Well, if there is one thing that you should really know about me. 
It is that EVERYTHING I do is for my family. They are my world. 
At my core I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a super fun photographer and a friend -- even if it takes me 5-7 business days to answer a text message some times. If you can relate, we are going to have the best time on your wedding day! 

In the days leading up to your wedding and OBVIOUSLY on the day of I will totally have your back! Literally anything you need to blame me for - I will take it! Like I said. We will be besties. The same goes for your portrait session. I pour my soul into my work so that my clients all have any amazing photography experience. I can't wait to work with you on yours!! 

my background

Weddings are my jam. I have loved working in the wedding industry since I was 17 years old (10 years now!) and it is so amazing being able to live my dream. 
Starting one of my first jobs in the wedding industry was NO coincidence. It 100% lead me to where I am today. And I am so appreciative of the life I have been able to build, the relationships I have watched blossom, and the lifelong friendships I have made by being part of this always exciting/fun/changing industry.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Including you being here today. So please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out, I am always here for you! 

Really Get to know ME!
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This one is my favourite.

I'm super proud of this one! 

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more about me...

my favourite things

personality tidbits

fun facts

Because it's about More Than just photos. 
It's about having the best experience possible with the best results imaginable.


Favourite tv show

FAvourite Place

guilty pleasure

favourite avenger

Favourite fast food

favourite past time

Drink of choice


rainy days, memes, rompers, golden sunsets
dogs, & impromptu road trips

FRIENDS, Brooklyn 99, or Grey's Anatomy


McDonalds french fries dipped in ice cream

spiderman is the best avenger 
you can't change my mind

chipotle but I live in Alberta & we don't have it here *sobs in Canadian*

reading, plants, walking with my kids & dogs

1. sangria 
2. moscow mule 
3. champagne for poppin!

it is life changing... thank me later

I've had blue hair AND pink hair TWICE. 

but I'm always up for a shot of good tequila.

personality tidbits


total pisces


3 wing 4

Myers briggs personality?


total moon child

I was born on a full moon! 

Fun Facts

+ spending time with my family is my favourite thing
+ definitely a dog person, golden retrievers & rescues have my heart
+ I don't hate pineapple pizza... 
+ I still live on the acreage where I grew up, it was my dream to raise my kids in the country and now I'm doing it!

+ I am a pro thrift shopper! 
+ PLANTS ARE LIFE. Plants are my decor. Plants are my hobby. Plants are my style. Plants. Are. Life. 
+ I could live off of Thai food, but probably shouldn't...
+ I am a total dreamer and planner! I love journals, planners, and schedules.
+ August is my favourite month, aside from March (my birthday month) 






photos taken throughout my career 

continents explored

countries  & counting


incredible clients  over the years


years as a wedding photographer

and many more on my bucket list!

as an Edmonton  Alberta Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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