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who are we?

this is Celina Fournell Photography! 
EMBRACE, as we like to call ourselves in the boudoir world. 
Why Embrace? Because we are here to Embrace YOU right now.
Not -40lbs or after you've gotten that last bit of laser hair removal or when you have more time to get away.
We are all about NOW. Making time for yourself, giving yourself that confidence boost, and most importantly putting yourself first.


My favourite colour is green (can you tell), I am obsessed with hats, one piece outfits are my go to, and I am a pretty good cook the first time. Don't ever ask me to make the same thing twice because I WILL mess it up. 
I love to travel and try to go whenever I get the time, but long road trips with loud music fill in the gaps between the times I hop on a plane to somewhere greener. My favourite part of travelling is trying ALL of the new food and falling in love with random places. 
Since we bought our new home in rural Alberta, I have found a huge passion for hobby farming and have accumulated ducks, chickens, goats, a litter of kittens and of course kept the dogs busy. So if you ever visit my in home studio, be prepared to take home a box of fresh eggs! 
At home you will catch me drinking coffee with my goat, updating our 70 year old farm house, or playing soccer with the kids in the back yard.
When I'm not at home you can find me taking my two kiddos on adventures and showing them how special our planet is. 

photographer & Boss Bitch

"You have been criticizing yourself for years,
and it hasn't worked... 
Try approving of yourself and see what happens."

- Louise Hay

do the shoot, babe.

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