December 11, 2019

Must-Have Features for the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Things to Consider & Must-Have Backyard Wedding Features for your Dream Wedding Day:

A backyard wedding is often the best option for soon-to-be-wed couples that are seeking a cost effective and more intimate way to celebrate their marriage. And although it may cost less, the work that goes into making it a picture perfect wedding can become overwhelming.

After photographing so many backyard weddings in my wedding photography career, I’ve narrowed it down to some of the best things I’ve seen implemented! So, keep reading to hear my best tips to creating your dream wedding for a fraction of the price without sacrificing beauty.

1) Textures

This may seem like a weird thing to have to think about, but spending all day standing out on the grass can become bothersome to guests who may not have known that they were attending an outdoor wedding. Adding in different types of rugs, picnic blankets, and even a hard surface dance floor can really up the “WOW” factor of your backyard wedding.

Even adding an amazing backdrop for your ceremony site is a fantastic way to punch up your photos. They can always be used for portraits and family photos after the ceremony is done! Some ideas for this would be:

  • macrame hangings
  • floral arch
  • balloon arch
  • hanging baskets
  • plant wall

If you like this rug, you should check out more detail photos from Sean and Emily’s backyard wedding here. They had some hilarious and amazing details on their wedding day!

2) Having a green lawn and nicely manicured features

Having a well taken care of yard will make all the difference in photos and aesthetic. Aside from making sure photos look great, it is really an important part to being outside. It’s the whole ‘golf course’ effect. It seems classy and well put together to have perfect grass.

backyard wedding feature green grass and dance floor

3) Hiring a white tent

Renting a white event tent for increment weather is not only good planning, but can add a really chic feel to your wedding. They are less of an eyesore than a coloured tent, and won’t create colour casts or dark shadows on people around it. It also diffuses sunlight beautifully for photos inside!

It can also be used as a reception location with the ceremony right outside!

white tent for wedding reception exampl

What do you think? Are there any other must-have items or design features you think you should have for a backyard wedding? Comment below!

Check out my pinterest board for some more inspiration!

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  1. Alexis says:

    Love this! Beautiful photos and awesome wedding tips!

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