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because it's about                                 than just photos

safety and security

embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:


embrace boudoir is:

my approach

To me, this is about more than just capturing, curating, and presenting images. It is about creating a once in a lifetime experience for only you. 
It begins with a relationship. I try my hardest to be present and available to all of the women in my private facebook group, my curated email list, and to women in my personal life. I totally understand how much pressure is on women to present them selves a certain way and I feel called to get rid of that stigma by being completely open about my own self love journey and guiding others on their own. 
From there, once we are practically besties, we get to plan your perfect shoot. With help from my team we get to glam you up, dress you up, and get you into the studio. With expertly chosen outfits and poses, we will be able to create a beautiful collection of images that will boost your confidence and self esteem. 
My approach to shooting and selecting images is simple. I edit the poses curated for you and we create fantastic works of art printed at a Canadian printer fully staffed by women. 

i'll be your guide

I have been a professional photographer for almost 8 years. 
For the longest time I was specializing in weddings and maternity, the two just went hand in hand so nicely. Through this time I had realized that most of my client interactions were with women -- which helped me realize how important of a part I can play in such a special day. So many special days! Whether it was a wedding day or a once in a lifetime maternity session, my heart was happy. But I was still searching for that thing that made my heart sing. 
*drum roll please* And then I shot my first couple boudoir sessions for some friends who were getting married... again, it just fit in so perfectly. Well, it just so happened to be the amazing thing I was looking for. Now, it's been 5 years and boudoir makes my heart sing. 
Working almost exclusively with women to create empowering, lifelong images and boat loads of confidence and self love to carry them through this harsh world. 
This is my happy place. This is exactly what I am meant to do.

When it comes to something as intimate as a boudoir session I really understand how imperative it is to make you feel safe, seen, heard, and empowered in your own skin. 
From the moment you walk in the door, it is ALL about you. We start off with professional hair and makeup, and then we get to pick out the outfits! I'll throw so many options at you and then make sure we get it narrowed down into the most perfect combination of sexy, sensual, and a little slutty to really bring the look together.
After thats done we jump right into the session!
Boudoir posing can be a real workout, but don't worry. You don't need to be a model or be fit to get amazing images. 
I will show you exactly what you need to do to look outstanding in your photos. Literally SHOW you exactly how to pose, and then perfect your pose before I even start snapping! 
I will be there cracking jokes, directing your facial expressions, and showing you exactly what to do with your hands. 
After all, it's not about just getting good photographs. It's about having one hell of a good time. 

my background

"Take a thousand, naked pictures of yourself now.
You may currently think, "Oh, I'm too spooky."
"Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies."
But, believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say

- Moira Rose (Schitt's Creek)

"dear god, i was a beautiful thing!"

before your session

from initial inquiry to delivery, I will be with you every step of the way.
You will get a number of emails from me with lots of information. I am also available over the phone if you prefer to get in contact with me that way. Each client receives personalized care to ensure that they feel like a goddess. 
It is my goal to have every client completely prepared for your shoot day, so if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask. 
If you have prepaid for a collection and qualify for bonus sets (your choice) then please let me know prior to your shoot so I can be prepared with them and have them ready prior to your arrival!

click here to view package options and prepayment bonuses

You will get a number of emails from me with lots of information. I am also available over the phone if you prefer to get in contact with me that way. Each client receives personalized care to ensure that they feel like a goddess. 
It is my goal to have every client completely prepared for your shoot day, so if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask. 
If you have prepaid for a collection and qualify for bonus sets (your choice) then please let me know prior to your shoot so I can be prepared with them and have them ready prior to your arrival!

from initial inquiry to delivery,
I will be with you every step of the way.

the day of your

On the day of your session you will be welcomed by me (Celina!) or one of my lovely assistants! I will bring you in and get you settled in my studio space. We offer a variety of snacks and drinks (you're welcome to bring your own as well) so help yourself! Once you're settled and one of the makeup artists is ready, we will get you settled in the prep room and get started on your hair and makeup! 
The stylist will ask some questions and figure out exactly what you want for your look and then get started! She will cater to any requests that you have so that you have a fully customized look! 
We are able to stop at any time if you need to use the rest room, grab a snack or if you need a drink. So please don't be shy if you need something.

Just before hair and makeup is done we will be checking with you to ensure that you love the look! If you don't, you NEED to say something about it because it cannot be fixed after the photos are done. 
After completion of hair and makeup, we will get into the client closet and pick out the best pieces and accessories for your shoot! If you are adding on any outfits or accessories with your bonuses then this is the time to choose those! 

There are over 100 pieces to choose from and everything is sorted by size to make selecting your outfits a breeze. I will help with picking out options, deciding what will go best together and with what you've brought of your own. I may have even pulled out some suggestions before you arrive. But ultimately, the final decision is yours! 

This is where the magic happens but none of it would be so magical without the rest of the experience. 
I will pose you from head to toe, but be prepared. Some of these poses are HARD and can feel weird, but I promise that they're worth it no matter how ridiculous you feel while in it. And if you trust the process, and go with the flow of specifically curated poses I came up with for you - you won't regret it! 

up next:

the Shoot!

after your boudoir experience

After your shoot we will take a 90 minute break for lunch (or dinner). Go treat yourself to a nice dinner, take a walk around Winners and touch soft blankets and smell cozy candles, or simply relax in the waiting area and scroll on TikTok drinking San Pellegrino for an hour and a half. 
You return to the studio after your lunch date for a private Viewing and Ordering session. YES! It does happen the day of your photoshoot. Which we LOVE. I will help you design some amazing products with your favourite images, make black and white selections, and any other customizations or bonuses at your ordering appointment. If you want any take home products (polaroid prints) please let me know so I can have an appropriate amount of film.

You will have the opportunity to add on any additional products not included in your collection at this time as well.
After you've made all your selections we wrap up for the day! 

Anywhere from 6-8 weeks after you shoot day, you will receive your final products straight to your door! And that's it! 
I have a lot of repeat clients, so I will probably see you again. Some people even book their next session before leaving, and you can too! 

my studio:

The studio is located at 10137-104 street in Edmonton, AB. 
We are located in the Great Western Saddlery Building, and parking can be a real wench. 
Please find a visitor space or an unmarked space. Make sure you don't park in a reserved space or a Permit Only space, you could be subject to ticketing and towing at your own expense. If the parking lot in the front is full, you can circle around to the back of the building and see if theres any visitor spaces there. Worst case scenario, there is paid parking on the street and a paid public lot on either side of the building.

How to find our unit in the building: 

Enter through the main building door on the front right of the building. 

After getting in the main door, there is a second door leading to a flight of stairs, go through it and proceed up the stairs. 

After getting to the second floor, go up the night flight of stairs! 


your boudoir experience

The experience you have during your boudoir shoot is so important. 
It's not just about getting the photos, but relies a lot on trusting your photographer (me!), trusting yourself, and really embracing your body as you come.
I try my hardest to create a safe and positive place for you to really feel comfortable and HYPED for your session. 
This starts with making sure you know exactly what's going on EVERY step of the way!
First things first. If you're ready to start planning your boudoir session with Celina, you can do that by clicking the button below! 
Click "what's next" to find out the next step in the process.

click here to contact Celina!

what's next?

booking your session

click here to book your session!

To book your boudoir session with Celina, a session fee will apply. This session fee includes SO many things. 

+ A pre-shoot phone consultation
+ Wardrobe & Styling advice
+ Full access to our Client Wardrobe and Accessories with over 100+ pieces in sizes XS - 4X (but you're more than welcome --encouraged really-- to bring your own things too!)
+ Expert posing and guidance throughout your shoot
+ Professional Hair & Makeup (hellooo, makeover!!)
+ A one-hour photo shoot
+ Professional retouching of all your final images
+ Same Day Viewing Session and Ordering Appointment

what's next?

choosing your photo package

click here to view package options and set up a prepayment plan

After you've booked your session, you need to decide HOW you're going to display your photos! 
There are so many ways you can show off (or keep hidden) your images. 
The most popular option I offer is a handmade heirloom album, designed by you and I with all of your favourite images. 
A bold and confidence inspiring option would be matted prints, to hang, or metal wall art to display around your bedroom, bathroom, closet, or anywhere else around your house. Talk about a CONFIDENCE BOOST!
All of these products are are luxurious, powerful, and high quality artistic pieces fully hand crafted by an ALL WOMEN Canadian Team. 
Products can take up to 8 weeks for delivery, so if you want your prints as soon as possible I would recommend setting up a presession payment plan! 

what's next?

getting ready for your session

click here to get the boudie prep guide

Now that you've got your session booked and some products decided on... it's time to start planning your session! 
This is a super fun part because we get to curate a bespoke session JUST for you. 
There are so many places to start with designing the perfect session:
+ location
+ outfits and accessories
+ hair and makeup
+ album cover and design 
But before all of that, you need to "prep" yourself, too! 
Make sure you're hydrated, not changing anything about your skin care routine, and most importantly... Appreciating and thanking your body for taking care of you another day. 
You'll also get a bunch of planning, prep and hype emails from me! <3 

what's next?

time for your shoot!

click here to see some of the client closet

Now that you've spent the last few weeks getting ready for your boudoir session, now it's time for your session! 
The day of your shoot I will get you to arrive on location for hair and makeup! Helloooo makeover! First we get you all glammed up and then we decide what you're going to wear... or not wear! 
You are encouraged to bring a few pieces to wear during your session but I will totally throw so many options at you as well, especially since I've got an always growing collection of lingerie (it's a bit of an addiction). 
Then we crank some tunes and start to shoot! Our shoot time is anywhere from 60-90 minutes. After that, I will send you for lunch for about 90 minutes while I edit your photos. 
Then you get to come back for your Viewing and Ordering Session!

what's next?

viewing & ordering session

click here to view package options

Your viewing and ordering session will happen the same day as your boudoir shoot! After you get back from lunch, dinner, wine, Winners, whatever you got up to, we get RIGHT into it! 
We get cozy on the couch and go through your images on the computer. If you've decided to purchase an album, we get to design it right now! This is also an opportunity to cash in on any of your prepayment bonuses from your collection!
If you haven't yet decided on a collection or what you want to do with your images, then this is your chance to do so! I DO have product samples for you to see in the studio as well. 
I will collect payment for your products and then they will be on their way! 
Doing a boudoir shoot is SO empowering but getting those prints back and having a luxurious album with YOUR photos in it is SOMETHING ELSE. Get SO excited!

what's next?

all done, for now!

click here to book a call

until next time!

After you've gone home you just have to wait for your products to arrive! 

This can take 6-8 weeks during peak ordering times:
+ November - December (Christmas)
+ January - February (Valentines)
+ September - October (Halloween)

Then once they arrive, ENJOY! 

...Then start daydreaming about your next session...?
I'm ready when you are!! <3 

Are you Ready to start planning your dream boudoir shoot??

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