March 12, 2018

10 Tips for Being More Comfortable in your Engagement Photos

So, you’re engaged. You’ve spent lots of time looking for a wedding photographer who’s photos you love. Now, you’ve booked your engagement photos (or are going to) so that you get to meet this photographer before your wedding. But you are SO NERVOUS. Maybe you’ve never been in front of a professional camera before. Or you’re just shy around new people. Maybe you’re not a huge fan of PDA and kissing your honey in front of a stranger isn’t your idea of a good time. That’s what this is for.

I want all of my couples to feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. It is an exciting time shooting with your wedding photographer for the first time. So here are a few tips to help put you at ease and make you more comfortable for your engagement photos.

1. Dress comfortably.

I have a blog post all about outfits here.

2. Let’s chat!

I am totally cool if you guys want to grab lunch or go for a drink right before our session. We can get to know each other and you can bring up any concerns before we pull out the camera. If you do or do not want to do something in the session, now is a good time to talk it out and figure out our plan! No ideas are bad ideas!

3. Be in your ‘place’ to be more comfortable

Choosing a location for your photos that is special to you, or relevant to the vibe of your session is more important than trying to find somewhere that is “fancy” or “nice” just for the sake of being pretty. Being somewhere that you are comfortable will make it easier to relax and enjoy yourself. So let’s find a location that will be perfect for YOU.

couple nuzzling in the sunshine with greenery wall behind them how to be comfortable in your engagement photos

4. Don’t over think it

If I am silent and letting things happen, it’s because it looks great.

5. Ask for direction if you need it

I don’t love to pose my couples like they’re getting Christmas cards done. I like to let things happen naturally so I will give you a direction or an action, and I’ll just let it flow. We can definitely work on some more posed shots if you’d rather that, but we can save those for family portraits on the wedding day.

6. Mix it up for your engagement photos

I will give directions and let things flow for a few minutes, but to get the best variety in images I will shout out new directions or ideas as I see needed. If I don’t say anything, just enjoy the moment and be all romantic (if that’s your style 😉 ).

woman smiling at camera with man hugging her from behind tips to be comfortable in your engagement photos

7. Feel your best to be more comfortable

This isn’t so much as a direction, but a bit of a tip to “feel your best” in your photos if we do some more ‘posed’ shots

  • try to keep your posture correct and your neck elongated


  • bend your elbows and keep them away from your body if you are self conscious about your upper arms like I am


  • point your toes and bend your knees – if it feels slightly unnatural, it means it’s going to look good in photos


  • keep your hands loose and relaxed, or bring something to hold (flowers are always gorgeous)


  • show off your teeth! smiles with closed mouths can look forced and uncomfortable. I want to capture you JUST AS YOU ARE.


  • remember to keep your shoulders relaxed and down. focus on your fiance and forget about the camera

8. It will feel totally unnatural to be kissing and cuddling in front of a stranger

But I will say multiple times, “JUST ACT LIKE ITS TOTALLY NATURAL TO HAVE A STRANGER THIS CLOSE TO YOUR FACES” – it’s usually pretty unexpected and will get a good giggle.

The best way to be comfortable with a camera all up in your business is to forget that I’m there.

I will help with prompts and suggestions but I want to capture YOU naturally.

9. If you need a break, ask for it – I don’t want you to look stiff.

We can take a 10-minute camera break, go for a walk for a new location, regroup. Whatever you need to relieve a bit of the tension.

couple walking along wall. woman pulling man smiling tips to be comfortable in engagement photos

10. Trust me!

You’ve already done the hard work of finding the right photographer for your day. As long as you’re comfortable and like your outfits you are going to enjoy the photos, I promise. I’ve been doing this for a long time and the interaction photographs better and more comfortably if you trust me!


Bonus Tip:


You two are in love. You’re getting married soon. You’re wedding planning. You can be stressed and busy all the time. Take this day for engagement photos to just RELAX. Being relaxed will help you be most comfortable for your engagement photos. Heck, we can even go DO something and I’ll just photograph that. The sky is the limit. But I want you to enjoy it. So if posing for Christmas Cards isn’t your style, let’s chat and see what we can come up with!



You two are doing great. You look great. Just OWN IT.

Check out my Pinterest board to see how natural you can be if you don’t focus on the camera – here!

Well, that’s all, for now, my lovelies!

Comment below if you found these tips helpful, or if you have any other ideas on blog posts that I should be sharing!!




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