September 25, 2019

A Wedding Photographer’s Timeline

A wedding photographer’s timeline suggestions:
Because, as a wedding photographer, I know there are a lot of things to consider when planning your wedding day timeline. Especially if photos are important to you! Without any experience, it can result in some frustrating timing when you’re planning your wedding day timeline.

If you have a set ceremony time based on venue availability, officiant availability, or even guest availability that is the best place to start. Wanting sunset photos, getting ready photos, or even a large variety of wedding party portraits can start to create large gaps in your wedding day timeline.

Another thing to consider is travel time if you are getting married in one venue, and your reception is at another. Or if you want a first look or bridal portraits, or are even getting ready further than 5-10 minutes from your venue.

So, that basically just means that there are SO many things to consider when planning your wedding day timeline for your photographers.

Here are twelve things I urge you to consider when planning your wedding day timeline:

  1. Have all your details ready before your photographer arrives. Flowers, boutonnières, cufflinks and jewelry, shoes, veils, heirlooms and any accessories that you want photographed!
  2. If you have a lot of bridesmaids, be sure to have more than one HMUA. It’ll increase productivity and keep everything on schedule!
  3. The bride should be the last to get hair and makeup done, if you want that documented by your photographer!
  4. Allow extra getting ready time! Someone will always take longer than you originally anticipate!
  5. Try to get ready at the closest location to your ceremony or getting ready location as possible. This will save travel time and give you more time for portraits!
  6. Give yourselves plenty of time for a first look! You’ll treasure that quiet time later.
  7. Plan to do portraits and wedding party photos right after the first look!
  8. Make sure everyone who needs to be in family photos, knows when and where the photos are happening. I have a list template here!
  9. Don’t forget about travel time to and from ceremony, portrait, and reception locations!
  10. Allow 5-10 minutes for your photographer to photograph your completed reception space, untouched.
  11. If you want golden hour portraits, google the sunset time on your wedding day. Plan for golden hour photos within that hour. If it’s really important to you, start with this!
  12. Ask your photographer & wedding day coordinator for help! You don’t have to do it all alone!

wedding photographer's timeline

I could go on to at least 50 points to add to the list of things to consider when planning your wedding day timeline. But instead of writing an essay, I’ve decided to just show you what I would do!

Check out these blog posts for how a wedding photographer would plan their wedding photographer’s timeline.

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Build your wedding day timeline here!




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