April 20, 2018

When to Shoot Your Maternity Session

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I bet you are so excited. I sure am, and I am so glad you’re here.

Now that you’ve begun the search for a maternity photographer to document your pregnancy – you are probably also wondering WHEN you should do your maternity photos?!

You’re pregnant for a LONG time so that is a very valid question.

I have a few recommendations on when in your pregnancy you should do your maternity photos. But they are all totally dependent on you, your schedule, and how you’re feeling.

When IN your pregnancy:

If it is your first pregnancy, you can USUALLY get away with waiting until you are 34-36 weeks along.

It is best to be in contact with your OBGYN and ask for their recommendation if you should be out hiking and doing photos or just relaxing at home. We can totally accommodate any type of session, we just have to know!!¬†You don’t want to be out doing photos if you’re on bed rest. We can always do an in home session and keep it nice and relaxing.

If it is your second (or more) pregnancy, you will start to show WAY sooner than with your first.

I would recommend a session any time between 30 and 38 weeks at the LATEST. We don’t want you going into labour during your maternity photos.

I don’t recommend sessions before 20 weeks, as most women are not usually showing yet! You really want that bump to be the center of attention in all of its glory! Photos done earlier in pregnancy are a good time to update your family photos before your family grows by two feet.

Solo (couples) maternity sessions where we are mainly focused on the bump is best for later in your pregnancy.

All of these recommendations are totally dependent on your preferences, your pregnancy, and how you’re feeling! Don’t be like me and wait until your due date to finally get your photos done!!!

When in the DAY:

Most of my sessions are shot during the week during the GOLDEN HOUR.

Check out my post on why we should shoot during Golden hour to get the best images!

This is either WHILE the sun is RISING or WHILE the sun is SETTING. Besides being the best time for golden, glowy, beautiful photos. This is also a good time of day to have childcare arrangements made for any of your other kiddos!

You don’t want to be hauling all of your older kids around because you couldn’t find a sitter for them. We can always reschedule if it doesn’t work out!


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Do you have any suggestions I should add to this list? Comment below and let me know what you think!!


I can’t wait to photograph your beautiful bump!

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