March 10, 2018

10 Tips for Amazing Outfits in your Engagement Photos

There are so many posts like this out there.

And this won’t be my first blog post about this, guaranteed. But it still needs to be here. Engagement Outfit Tips:

So, for all of you ladies (and gents) out there worrying about what to wear for your engagement photos… This one is for you!

1. Coordinating, but not matching.

Wearing the same colour, but in different shades is actually more ideal than trying to match your outfits to EXACT colours.

2. Dressing for the same season

Don’t wear a strapless sun dress with sandals if he is wearing heavy pants and a sweater. Don’t wear leggings and an infinity scarf if he’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

3.  Not wearing neon colours or loud patterns.

Large floral patterns, large gingham plaid, and textured articles are always good. Highlighter yellow, stripes of any direction, small plaid, or any repeating pattern is difficult to photograph and can cause harsh colour casting and chromatic aberration in photos. Neutrals and textured items are also timeless and will look less dated in 5, 10, and 50 years time. If one of you does plan on wearing a loud pattern, dress the other in a coordinating *plain* (not patterned) outfit to tone it down a bit.

4. Wear something you’re comfortable in

Don’t go out of your way to find a crazy dress that you can’t breathe in and don’t force your fiance into something he’s not going to be happy with either.

Don’t pick something that isn’t your style just because it doesn’t follow these suggestions. These are just guidelines to give you some ideas! They’re not rules. If you’re going to be most comfortable in jeans and tennis shoes, then go ahead and wear that!

5.  Don’t overthink it!

Some of the best outfits I’ve photographed have been plain v-neck t-shirts and sundresses.

6. Accessorize!

Adding a nice statement necklace or bracelets to a dress is a great way to add some flair. A tie on top of a button down shirt with a nice belt will always be better than not. It will also give you something to touch if you don’t have long hair.

Heck, even bring a bouquet of flowers or your pet!

Don’t over do it, and keep it true to yourself!

couple almost kissing with bouquet of flowers in foreground

7. Try to match the location of your shoot

If we are doing your photos in the mountains, high heels are not going to seem practical. If we are doing your photos in a really urban location, jeans and cowboy boots will look out of place.

Try to keep your outfit relevant to the location. I will help you if you are having troubles coming up with something!

8.  Hair and Makeup Trials on the day of your Engagement Session!

If you are planning on hiring a hair and makeup artist for your wedding, you will most likely get a trial run or two to test out your look and the longevity


of it.

Usually, I recommend the trial runs for bridals shoots if you are planning one, but engagement photos are good too! It’s always nice to see EXACTLY how your makeup will photograph.

9. The longer the better!!!

And this isn’t in relation to the length of your engagement session (well, it can be. But that’s not what I’m talking about here).

Wearing a maxi dress, or a long skirt will give you a very romantic feel, make you look taller and leaner, and will also give you something to play with (think dancing and twirling). Even jumpsuits are better than rompers because they add that LENGTH that you want.


10. Matching your wedding?

This is totally just an idea, but I have had some couples dress in colours to MATCH their wedding.

After their engagement session, they order all their goods for their wedding. So, the save the dates, engagement prints and guest book all ended up being colour coordinated to their wedding!

11. Dressing for the same occasion!

I totally understand not wanting to dress up really fancy for all your photos. But I also understand not wanting to have “jean and t-shirt” outfits displayed in your guest books. But you both have to be on the same page. Don’t show up in a tutu and sequins if your fiance is wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans.

He may not be comfortable in a super fancy outfit the whole time, and you may not want to wear jeans and a hoodie. So, it’s all about compromise. This leads us into the next suggestion, of bringing different options.

12. Having Options

A lot of my hour-long engagement sessions are spent 1/2 in one outfit and 1/2 in another. One outfit is a little dressier. One outfit is a little more casual and relaxed. The more outfits you have, the fewer photos you will receive – but you will still get a lot of variety!

Now that you know how to dress comfortably for your session, here are some tips on how to make yourself more comfortable in front of the camera!

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Do you have any more questions about how to dress for engagement sessions? I am happy to help if you need more direction!!


Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this post and if you want more like it!!


Until next time!



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