February 19, 2018

The priMED Mosaic Center | Indoor Engagement Photos | Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Celina Fournell Photography

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“It’s too cold to do our photos outside” … “I was really hoping to have greenery” … “Please don’t wear ski jackets”

These were some of the phrases texted between Nick, Jamie and I while setting up their engagement photos. It was INSANELY cold outside. I’m talking -27 Celsius without the wind chill. -40 if you include the wind chill. Which means it was way too cold to spend any amount of time outdoors. Especially a 40 minute photo session.

So, we improvised.

After multiple calls to nurseries, greenhouses, indoor botanical gardens, and garden pavilions. The priMED Mosaic Center was the BEST option.

Despite the weather being terrible, we actually had an amazing experience. Thankfully, for the priMED Mosaic Center, we didn’t have to freeze our butts off outside!!! Being able to protect ourselves from the elements and not get frostbite on every appendage made for a great session.

This place seriously checked off ALL the boxes on our “needs” list for this session.

It was WARM. (Indoors, in February, it’s the least you could hope for!)

It was GREEN and NATURAL. It was no Muttart Conservatory, but it was PERFECT for what Nick and Jamie wanted!!

It had OPTIONS. From the natural wood steps, huge windows, amazing architecture, and living wall. We couldn’t have found a BETTER place for their photos.


Get a load of these incredible lamps!! I couldn’t get enough of them.


There was just so much variety in this building, that it made our one location two outfit session FLY by.

We had too many options and too little time! Ha-ha!

Even though it was SO cold out, we still had an amazing time doing Nick and Jamie’s engagement photos!!




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