March 8, 2018

Wedding Details that Brides May Forget on their Wedding Day

Are you getting married soon? Have you been working so hard to perfect all those little details? Are you worried that you’re forgetting something?

I love all of my brides!! We become acquainted, spend hours emailing back and forth for months on end, and ultimately become really good friends. They all give me lots of time to be creative and I am able to use my time to shoot what I need to shoot to capture all your details perfectly. However, there is always a LOT to think about on your wedding day!

That last month before your wedding is always so busy! You’re bound to have some over sight, or completely forget about something. It’s never intentional, these things just slip through the cracks and it is totally understandable!!

I’m here to give you a little reminder of the most common things that brides forget on their wedding day so that it doesn’t happen to you!


8 wedding details that brides forget on their wedding day

1. Make sure all of the wedding rings are where your photographer can capture them

I know that EVERY planning book in the history of wedding planners tells you that the rings are supposed to go to the Best Man. For me to be able to capture them with your flowers, invitations, and as a group, we are going to need them all together. I can always get them after the ceremony, but you will have way more options if I am able to use natural light and shoot them with the rest of your details. We can always plan a way to get them to the Best Man as SOON as I am finished with them.


2. Make sure you get some loose flowers and greenery from your florist delivered with your bouquet

This is one of my favourite things about shooting details. I am able to use perfectly matching flowers to style your invitation, shoes, jewelry, and all those other beautiful things you want captured. I don’t need a lot, but 3-4 pieces of greenery and 5+ flowers can REALLY go a long way in enhancing your photos.

3. Bouquets need to get delivered to YOU, not to your VENUE

This is probably the most over looked random detail I can think of. If you can remember to have your flowers where you’re getting ready, they can be included in all the detail shots. Not only detail shots, but they can be used in your portraits (which is kind of the point)! Even if you’re not doing a first look, you’re going to want the bouquets for bridesmaid shots. And don’t forget a boutonniere!


4. Make sure you can sit down in your dress

I would hate for you to have to stand at the head table of your sit down reception because your dress is too tight. It sounds dumb, but this actually happens! You want to be able to eat, breathe, and stand up without assistance!


5. You won’t be able to notice little imperfections on your dress

Brides. If nothing else sticks with you, at least remember this. I PROMISE you won’t notice the tiny bit of dust on the bottom of your dress if it happens to get dirty. I totally understand wanting to be perfect going down the aisle, but if something happens it is not the end of the world! Don’t stress! I have seen it happen dozens of times and you cannot even tell in the photos.

6. Ensure that all your family members know when and where to be for photos – put someone who knows who’s who in charge

We don’t want grandma getting lost, a brother being annoyed by 20 minutes of photos, or someone showing up in the wrong location. Make sure everyone you want involved in photos knows WHERE and WHEN they’re happening so that we are all on the same page! This will decrease stress and problems later. If you have a bridesmaid or sister that can help direct everyone (knowing names is a bonus), then that’s even better!!


7. Make sure your makeup artist ‘cry-proofs’ your look

I would hate for you to spend all morning getting your makeup done to have it smudge and smear and clump just because of a few tears. This one is especially for those who are using false eyelashes, the glue is usually water soluble and you don’t want them falling off. So make sure you’ve got an extra tube of glue JUST IN CASE.


Make sure that you are eating! Have a breakfast bar set up for your bridal party while you’re getting ready. Get a friend who isn’t in the bridal party to stop and pick up some dishes, even if you order them ahead of time, so that you don’t go hungry. Make sure they have a timeline for the day and that they get a thank you card after the wedding!!!

bonus tip

Don’t stress! You’re getting married to the love of your life! Enjoy your day. Stop and take in what is happening. Listen to the music. You’ll remember so much more of the day if you take the time to REALLY breathe.

Until next time,


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