June 30, 2013

How We Met | Ben & Celina | Celina Fournell Photography

Quite often, Ben and I get asked how we met. It is usually met with a dry laugh and a small eye-roll from me, and an elaborate story from Ben. I really love the story, but I also think it’s kind of silly how we met.

Let’s go back to June 2013.

brunette girl and boy in orange shirt holding a small dog. smiling at the camera

I was living in Kelowna, British Columbia with a roommate. Ben was working on a degree at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.

My roommate and I were both from the Edmonton area, and one weekend we decided to come back to Edmonton to visit some friends. We had gotten invited to go out with some friends on the Saturday night, which we did! Ben was also out that night with friends, too! But that isn’t where we met.

One of my friends & one of Ben’s friends knew each other. While we were at the bar, they ran into one another. He told my friend, “Hey! I’m having a party tonight, you should come!”… She came back to our group and told the 4 other girls we were with, “Yeah my friend is having a party tonight and invited us!” So, this resulted in me (the driver) being yelled at by four girls that we NEED to go to this party.

Fine. I give in. We will go for an hour and then leave.

That wasn’t exactly the case after we got there.

We showed up, and to my surprise there were only three people at this party. Ben, and two of his friends.

So, how we met? Through friends!

Apparently before we arrived, Ben and one of the other guys there had decided to start talking in an English accent… to ‘impress’ us. I wasn’t having any of it so I looked them both up on Facebook and it said that they were from Ardrossan. I suppose that doesn’t mean anything, but who knows if they were from England before. Probably not, but okay.

After about 2 hours they gave up the act. I was right!

We were young, bored, and the night resulted in playing a very boring & anticlimactic game of Truth or Dare. This is how Ben and I kissed for the first time. *eyeroll* I know. The night carried on, and we all ended up hanging out until about 6am.

I was beat. I drove all my friends home and then went to my moms house to sleep for a few hours.

By the time I woke up, I was interested in messaging Ben on facebook. So, I found his profile again and sent him a message asking how tired/hungover he was.

We ended up chatting for a few weeks over text message and FaceTime while he was on vacation. According to his family, he was already calling me his girlfriends before we had gone on a real date. But to be fair, I loved talking to him and would tell my friends, “omg I luv him” because I wouldn’t just say ‘love’ all willy-nilly.

And the rest, is history.

For more about us and our story, keep reading the blog posts. You can always go back to my about me page and read more from those blog grids if you want to read everything in order, too!

I can’t wait to learn more about YOU!!!

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